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Payment Plans
* Registration Fees must all be paid before the student signs-up for any class.
* Sign-up Fees have to be paid while the student is undertaking that specific class.
* Credit Transfer Fees must be paid while the student is finishing his/her specific class. If the student desires to split payments on any of the fees, ACU will study available options.

Students that participate in groups located where the local currency is weaker then the U.S. currency my solicite for discounts on the registration, sign-up and tranfer fees. Solicitations will be considered individually. Upon approving the discounts, they shall apply to every credit in every class that the student is undertaking.


Registration Fee

  • Application (document processing fee) US$ 20.00
  • Evaluation (revision and analyses of the submited curriculum) US$ 30.00
  • Registration (processing, account opening fee) US$ 30.00
  • PS: Registration Fees are non refundable .

Sign-up Fee (will be charges after the student has been officially accepted to the school).

  • Certificate (by credit) US$ 25.00
  • Minor's Degree (by credit) US$ 40.00
  • Bachelor's Degree (by credit) US$ 50.00
  • Master's Degree (by credit) US$ 60.00
  • Doctorate Degree(by credit) US$ 70.00

Credit Transfer Fee

  • Minor's (by credit) US$ 20.00
  • Bachelor's (by credit) US$ 30.00
  • Master's Program (by credit) US$ 40.00
  • Doctorate Program (by credit) US$ 50.00

Other Fees

  • Diploma or Certificate Printing Fee US$ 50.00
  • Student History Printing Fee US$ 75.00
  • Document Transcription Fee US$ 50.00
  • Final Payment Fee US$ 30.0
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