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Our University

We are a Christian University that offers distance learning. We believe the learning process requires personal interaction, that's why a learning community where students and teacher can interact is very important to us. Thus, we emphasize the formation of local study groups guided by a facilitator. Following are some necessary conditions to start a group:

1. Local groups naturally exist where Amid World Mission has a missionary base.

2. A Amid missionary with teaching ministry is normally a local coordinator.

3. A room furnished with the followiing equipments are necessary to support a local group.
- Student chairs.
- DSL internet connection able to support video-conference.
- Computer equipped with audio and video-camera to transmit the study room sound and image.
- Multimedia projector or a big screen tv to show the teacher.

4. Students should have internet access to follow the class assignments though amidlearning platform. On the platform, students will review recorded lessons, do tests and quizzes, chat with teachers and classmates, and participate on pannel of discussions.

5. The group facilitator will send to the university all student's documents required to be kept on file as hard copy.

6. However, if a some student do not have the conditions to participate in a local group, it is possible to pursue a degree studying online. For this category of students, our virtual campus offers opportunities to study alone. Students need acomputer with a fast internet connection to study recorded classes and to fulfill all other requirements. This cathegory of students also need to enroll filling the forms and presenting all required documents take classes.

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