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These are the steps to enroll as student at American Christian University:

1 - Fill de Enrollment Forms. American Christian University do not discrimite persons on the bases of their religion, race or nationality. That menas if you are not Christian you can porsue your studies with us. Even if you are Christian, you can enroll yourself as non-Christian student. Deciding to take the non-Christian option, the student will only submit the forms "a"and "c". All forms are eletronic, that is, all are filled and submited through following the links below.

a - Enrollment Form

b - Pastor's Recommendation Form

c - Friend's Recommendation Form

2 - Pay the fees described in the link "Investiment"

3 - The legal documents required for enrollment, both personnal and school documents must be notarized hard copies sent by mail.

4 - Wait for a Communication of Acceptance of Enrolment from ACU. After acceptance communication, students should log on to Amidlearning Platform and apply for the courses on their program. Site coordinators will help students to enroll on Amidlearning Platform. Students who are taking courses or pursuing degrees through "extension"format, will do their own erolment at Amidlearning Platform. They are required to fulfill the steps one and two before proceding erolment. Enrollments done through this format will depend on the "acceptance" of the director of the area.

Credit Transfers
A American Christian University accepts credit transfers from other institutions. The acceptance of the number of credits as well as the courses will depend on the academic analysis of each directors area. Once accepted, the credits will be incorporated to the student's new curriculum. Documents from other institutions must be submited inf form of notarized hard copies.

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